Ashrem Dewitt

Boisterous Owner of the Scholar's Nook in Blasingdell

Height: 6’4” Weight: 240 lbs. Age: 37
Eyes: Blue Hair: Red Skin: Ruddy

Ashrem Dewitt is a large man with ruddy skin and crows feet marking his eyes from years of laughter. His long red hair erupts from the top of his head haphazardly, though he’s tamed a few locks with braids. For all his size, he handles his books with great delicacy and insists that others treat his wares with the same respect.

Dewitt is said to be a former adventurer who retired several years back to start the Scholar’s Nook, a library/bookshop serving those who require such a place. He has taken a liking to Iva Charlot and is trying to help her track down more information about the condition afflicting her son Henri.

Dewitt is a very loud man, prone to easy laughter. His love for books and the lore they contain borders on religious fervor, and he feels a kinship for those who share his enthusiasm. Eager to help those in need to find what they’re searching for, Dewitt sometimes goes out of his way to assist others.

The adventurers met Dewitt at his shop in Blasingdell. He was hesitant to provide them with a map to the Stone Tooth because he was concerned that they’d just get themselves killed. When Sister Alonsa saw fit to provide them with directions to her ancestor’s home, however, he relented and lent his aid to helping them find Khundrukar.

Ashrem Dewitt

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