The Outcast, Self-Appointed Caretaker of the Gulthias Tree


Little is know about Belak the Outcast. The mysterious caretaker of the grove level of the Sunless Citadel apparently cultivated the magical apples sold to the folk of Oakhurst each Spring. The adventurers found evidence of bizarre experiments, fusing beasts with plant-growth, and Erky Timbers informed the adventurers that the Outcast requested Sharwyn, Talgen, and Karakas be brought to him. Although the ranger didn’t make it that far, the Hucreles were in Belak’s custody, being subjected to the process of “supplication” to the Gulthias Tree.

Belak was slain by Aramis Shepherd on 15 March, 103 CY at the base of the Gulthias Tree.


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