Aramis's Late, Lamented Wife


Celeine was a lovely young redhead with blue eyes, 5’8" and lightly built. She seemed at ease at a costume ball or amongst a flock of sheep, quick to smile and to laugh. When seen in the company of her husband, her hands were always upon him.

Celeine came from a distant city to serve as a handmaiden to Madam Kerowyn Hucrele, a merchant of Oakhurst. She spoke little of her life before this, but she came into the Madame’s service because of a family debt. She was never close to her own family, and willing to be part of Hucrele’s.

In time, Celeine caught the eye of Aramis, a young shepherd from a ranch outside the village. He paid her court until he was old enough to marry her; Sister Corkie performed the ceremony in front of the entire village.

For a time, Celeine lived in both worlds, finally settling in Aramis’s. Hardly a year after they were married, however, Celeine fell into a nest of dire rats and contracted a terrible plague from their bites. She died on the last day of spring, 101 CY, and was buried on a hill on the ranch.

Celeine loved who she loved – completely and without reservation. She knew that Aramis adored her, but never took advantage of it, considering her life to be a blessed one. On her deathbed, she told Aramis that her sole regret was not living long enough to bear any children.


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