Corkie Ironstone

Kindly Priestess of Moradin


Sister Dem “Corkie” Ironstone
Female Dwarf Priestess

Height: 4’6” Weight: 185 lbs. Age: 50
Eyes: Dark Brown Hair: Brunette Skin: Tanned

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Corkie tends to the faithful at a small Shrine to Avandra, Moradin, and Pelor in Oakhurst. She was born and raised in the village and has great interest in history and theology. She never really had any true desire to adventure, feeling that her calling was to provide a source of stability for the common folk of the town.

Corkie married Aramis and Celeine, and taught the young shepherd to speak Dwarven. It was her suggestion that sent him to Brindinford after his wife’s death.

Additional Details Forthcoming…

Corkie Ironstone

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