Madame Hucrele

Matron of Hucrele House


Madame Kerowyn Hucrele
Female Human Merchant

Height: 5’5” Weight: 130 lbs. Age: 38
Eyes: Hazel Hair: Light Auburn Skin: Pale

Kerowyn carries herself with dignity, her clothes well tailored and pressed and her curly red hair always styled. She has retained her looks and with her warm eyes, bearing, and demeanor has turned many heads throughout the years.

After her husband died in an accident about a decade ago, Kerowyn Hucrele became the head of the most prominent merchant family in Oakhurst. She is wealthy enough to have sent her daughter Sharwyn to a prominent college of wizardry to the north. Her son Talgen, of a more martial bent, opted to enter the military academy in Brindinford, training to be a professional soldier.

A month past, Madame Hucrele’s children, at home on holiday, went to go camping and explore the ruins of the so-called Sunless Citadel with a couple of Talgen’s friends. They’d laughed away their mother’s concerns and promised to be back within a few days.

After a week, she began to worry. After the second week, she posted a reward to anyone able to return to her with her children or proof of their fate. A few days passed without anyone answering the posting, and so she wrote a letter to Aramis, desperately hoping that he would agree to help her find her missing children.

Kerowyn is usually a stern businesswoman with a no-nonsense attitude, although she does display a soft spot for her children and for Aramis, who married her former handmaiden Celeine. Recently, her worry over the fate of her children has caused her to exhibit obvious signs of stress.

The adventurers met with Madame Hucrele, who asked them with teary eyes if they would seek out her missing children near the Sunless Citadel. They readily agreed, and set forth without hesitation. Five days later they returned with the Hucreles, though Talgen had been transformed into some half-plant thrall. Still, Kerowyn was overjoyed to have her children home, safe if not whole. She was further grateful when Aramis assured her that they would find a way to restore her son to normal.

Madame Hucrele

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