Garon Mayhew

Gruff Old Innkeeper


Garon Mayhew
Male Human Innkeeper

Height: 6’0" Weight: 250 lbs. Age: 42
Eyes: Light Blue Hair: Shaved Skin: Dark, Leathery

Garon is the grizzled proprietor of the Ol’ Boar Tavern & Inn in the village of Oakhurst.

He is thought to be a retired adventurer, and he doesn’t dissuade the notion, although no one seems to know any tales about his alleged exploits. He is a talented chef and runs a tight ship charging a fair price for quality food and service.

Garon’s sister, Galla, is Iva’s Charlot’s mother.

Garon tends to be gruff, taking orders and answering questions with as few words exchanged as possible. He is competent at his chosen craft, and makes certain that his guests are well-cared for. He tolerates no violence inside his establishment, personally escorting any would-be rowdies out into the street where they can brawl to their hearts’ content.

Garon told Bhavik of a conflict two decades ago that resulted in the destruction of a tribe of shifters; later he informed Aramis that his sister-in-law Iva had gone to Blasingdell in search of answers.

Garon Mayhew

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