Orson Shepherd

Aramis's Older Brother


Like his father, Orson Shepherd is a man marked by his time in the pasture. But his weathered skin makes him look older than his thirty years. He is usually dirty, and rarely takes the time to shave, even though he prefers to be clean-shaven.

Orson is the oldest child of Rene and Amerie Shepherd, continuing an unbroken line that has tended the lord’s flocks near Oakhurst since time out of mind. He was destined to take over the family business, even after the births of his siblings, Maurelle and Aramis.

From an early age, Orson devoted himself to learning his profession. He pursued it with such fervor that he didn’t make time to take a wife when he came of age. His father prevailed upon the lord to arrange Orson’s marriage to Iva Charlot, a woman from the village.

Orson was saddened by the death of his brother’s wife, Celeine, and the birth of his son Henri has given him little comfort, since the child seems to be cursed.

Orson is truly his father’s son. He has devoted his life to his work; herding sheep is what he was born to do. He is furious with Aramis for leaving, and can’t understand his reasons. Orson cares about Iva and Orson, but he’s very jealous of his wife.

Orson Shepherd

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