Rene Shepherd

Aramis's Father, Patriarch of the Shepherds


Rene Shepherd could pass for a man in his forties, but he’s nearly sixty. Years spent toiling in the pastures have kept him in good condition, with tanned skin and a beard. He wears simple clothes.

Rene does not talk much, and doesn’t say much when he does, but uses his rich and powerful voice to command attention.

Rene’s parents were shepherds, just like their parents before them. His family has herded sheep on the lord’s land outside of Oakhurst since time out of mind – since the defeat of the dragon cult, if not longer.

He married Amerie, a wool spinner, before his thirtieth birthday. They have three children: Orson, Maurelle, and Aramis. All three have married, but after Aramis’s wife Celeine died, Aramis left the ranch for Brindinford. Now he’s returned home, with a tiefling in tow, as the servant of death herself.

Rene’s work has been his life. He married not for love – though he has grown to love Amerie as a dependable partner – but for heirs to continue that work. The birth of Henri has continued his line unto another generation, and he dotes on his grandson, the sole soft spot in his otherwise stoic demeanor.

Celeine’s death filled him with sorrow, as with all who knew her. At first, Rene hated Aramis for leaving, and for turning to the worship of the Raven Queen. His children were born to be shepherds, and shepherds they should remain. But now that his son has returned, Rene realizes that he’s angry at himself. He feels like he should have been able to keep Aramis from leaving – or that he should have known about the dire rat nest. He is too proud to tell anyone this, but these thoughts have occupied his time in the pasture.

Rene is getting too old for herding, but he cannot quit. He simply does not know how.

Rene Shepherd

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