Sharwyn Hucrele

Shy, Bookish Daughter of Kerowyn Hucrele


Sharwyn Hucrele Female Human Wizard

Height: 5’3” Weight: 105 lbs. Age: 16
Eyes: Light Blue Hair: Light Brown Skin: Pale

Sharwyn is a beautiful girl with long, dark hair and bright blue eyes. Born into merchant wealth, she is used to having the finer things, and so she is usually well dressed and clean.

Sharwyn is the younger child of Madame Kerowyn Hucrele and her only daughter. The young girl left Oakhurst to study magic in a city to the north about three years ago. A month past, she had returned home to visit her family. She joined her brother Talgen and a couple of his friends on a camping trip near the Sunless Citadel and was captured by the goblins, then handed over to Belak the Outcast.

Sharwyn was a quiet child, but her time away from home has emboldened her. She is not afraid to speak her mind and ask for what she wants anymore. Her time at the Arcane Academy has curbed the spoiled tendencies she developed growing up with merchant wealth.

She was rescued from her brother’s fate as a supplicant of the Gulthias Tree. That night, she admitted to Aramis that she had been the one to tell Gerabaldi about the healing apple the year Celeine had needed it. She confessed that she felt guilty because she was in love with Aramis, which came as a complete surprise to the priest. He assured her there was no way she could have known what would happen. Shortly thereafter, they slept together, though the morning after each seemed to be having doubts about that decision.

Sharwyn Hucrele

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