Father Sloane

Cleric of the Raven Queen, Mentor to Aramis


Father Eddison Sloane is tall (6’2"), approaching seventy years of age, with a calm, authoritative voice. His reserved demeanor is well-known in Brindinford; some people use “rare as Sloane’s smile” as an expression. In all his years of comforting the bereaved, no one has seem him weep, either.

Like many devotees of the Raven Queen, he dresses all in black, with a necklace of raven’s feathers to serve as a holy symbol.

Father Sloane has served at Brindinford’s shrine of the Raven Queen for longer than anyone can remember. His intimate understanding of death and grief leads most people to believe that his life must have been marked by terrible tragedy, but he never speaks of it.

He welcomed Aramis Shepherd into his faith, offering him some relief from the agony of his wife Celeine’s death. The young man eagerly absorbed his teachings, and became a common sight at the shrine. Sloane ordained Aramis as a cleric nearly two years ago, enlisting his aid with his unending work.

Sloane helps people to understand death, and to overcome their fear of it. He doesn’t do this out of a need to help others – it’s simply what he’s good at. He charges a modest fee for his services, since the shrine must be kept up. He’s fond of Aramis, in his way, but like most of his feelings, it doesn’t show.

Father Sloane

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