Talgen Hucrele

Cheerful, Spirited Son of Kerowyn Hucrele


Talgen Hucrele
Male Human Warrior

Height: 5’10” Weight: 175 lbs. Age: 18
Eyes: Brown Hair: Dark Brown Skin: Lightly Tanned

For being born into merchant wealth, Talgen has never shied away from hard work, and his muscled form shows it. He dresses well, but isn’t afraid to muss up his clothes and hair in favor of a good time. He smiles easily and often, radiating warmth and personal charm.

Talgen is the older child of Madame Kerowyn Hucrele and a friend to both Aramis and Azal. He came to Brindinford five years ago to begin training at the military academy. He met Azal when she failed to pick his pocket in the streets, but because she looked so distraught at having failed, the jovial young man took a liking to her and bought her lunch. He is the first real friend Azal ever had, and so he holds a special place in her heart, like the brother she never had. He introduced Azal and Aramis a couple of years ago when the young shepherd first came to Brindinford.

A month past, he informed his friends that he was going back to Oakhurst to visit his family and maybe check out one of the local legends. He was captured by goblins and later given over to Belak the Outcast and transformed into a “supplicant” by the Gulthias Tree.

The friendly young man makes friends easily with his casual demeanor and engaging laugh. He is serious about his military training at the academy in Brindinford, and seeks to become a great warrior, much to his mother’s chagrin.

When the party found Talgen and his sister, he had been transformed into some half-plant abomination by the Gulthias Tree. Capable of little more than animal sounds, the young man didn’t seem to recognize his friends and had to be subdued by force. They brought him back to Oakhurst where he remains in the care of Sister Corkie.

Talgen Hucrele

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