Tag: Deity


  • Avandra

    [[Main Page]] >> [[Religion]] >> Avandra --- Alignment: Good
    Gender: Female
    Spheres: Change, luck, trade, travel The god of change, Avandra delights in freedom, trade, travel, adventure, and the frontier. Her …

  • Bahamut

    [[Main Page]] >> [[Religion]] >> Bahamut --- Alignment: Lawful Good
    Gender: Male
    Spheres: Justice, honor, nobility, protection Called the Platinum Dragon, Bahamut is the god of justice, protection, nobility, and …

  • Moradin

    [[Main Page]] >> [[Religion]] >> Moradin --- Alignment: Lawful Good
    Gender: Male
    Spheres: Creation, artisans, family Moradin is the god of creation and patron of artisans, especially miners and smiths. He carved the …

  • Pelor

    [[Main Page]] >> [[Religion]] >> Pelor --- Alignment: Good
    Gender: Male
    Spheres: Sun, summer, agriculture, time God of the sun and summer, Pelor is the keeper of time. He supports those in need and opposes all that …

  • The Raven Queen

    [[Main Page]] >> [[Religion]] >> The Raven Queen --- Alignment: Unaligned
    Gender: Female
    Spheres: Death, fate, winter The name of the god of death is long forgotten, but she is called the Raven Queen. She is the …