Tag: Female


  • Madame Hucrele

    |Height: 5'5"|Weight: 130 lbs.|Age: 38| |Eyes: Hazel|Hair: Light Auburn|Skin: Pale| *DESCRIPTION*
    Kerowyn carries herself with dignity, her clothes well tailored and pressed and her curly red hair always styled. She has retained her looks and …

  • Corkie Ironstone

    |Height: 4'6"|Weight: 185 lbs.|Age: 50| |Eyes: Dark Brown|Hair: Brunette|Skin: Tanned| *DESCRIPTION*
    Additional Details Forthcoming... *BACKGROUND*
    Corkie tends to the faithful at a small Shrine to Avandra, Moradin, and Pelor in Oakhurst. …

  • Azal

    |Height: 5'9"|Weight: 140 lbs.|Age: 18| |Eyes: Black|Hair: Black with shades of purple|Skin: Light Poppy Red| DESCRIPTION
    Azal is a young tiefling female. She is of a smaller build and weight. She tends to keep her weight down on the lower …

  • Iva Charlot

    |Height:5'3"|Weight:105 lbs.|Age:27| |Eyes:Green|Hair:Red|Skin:Creamy| *DESCRIPTION*
    Iva Charlot (EYE-va shar-LOW) is small, but solidly built, with flame-red hair and sparkling green eyes. When her hands aren't holding her infant son, Henri, …

  • Celeine

    Celeine was a lovely young redhead with blue eyes, 5'8" and lightly built. She seemed at ease at a costume ball or amongst a flock of sheep, quick to smile and to laugh. When seen in the company of her husband, her hands were always upon …

  • Maurelle Redwing

    Maurelle is the Shepherds' middle child, and the family's hellraiser. Never content to stay at home, or to do what her parents said, she married Vardan Redwing, a man from a neighboring farm. She was close to

    Amerie Shepherd

    Amerie is a gentle woman who spins wool into thread for her husband, [[:rene]]. She cares deeply for her family, and still loves [[:aramis]] in spite of what he's become. After all, his new faith seems to have brought him peace of mind that the Shepherds …

  • Sharwyn Hucrele

    |Height: 5'3"|Weight: 105 lbs.|Age: 16| |Eyes: Light Blue|Hair: Light Brown|Skin: Pale| *DESCRIPTION*
    Sharwyn is a beautiful girl with long, dark hair and bright blue eyes. Born into merchant wealth, she is used to having the finer things, and so …