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  • Garon Mayhew

    |Height: 6'0"|Weight: 250 lbs.|Age: 42| |Eyes: Light Blue|Hair: Shaved|Skin: Dark, Leathery| *DESCRIPTION*
    Garon is the grizzled proprietor of the Ol' Boar Tavern & Inn in the village of Oakhurst. *BACKGROUND*
    He is thought to be a …

  • Erky Timbers

    Erky Timbers set off from Oakhurst to seek his fortune about a year ago. Though his friend Corkie advised against him going at it alone, he wouldn't hear of it, and set off along the Old Road. Naturally, he was set upon by goblin bandits a couple of hours …

  • Rene Shepherd

    Rene Shepherd could pass for a man in his forties, but he's nearly sixty. Years spent toiling in the pastures have kept him in good condition, with tanned skin and a beard. He wears simple clothes. Rene does not talk much, and doesn' …

  • Orson Shepherd

    Like his father, Orson Shepherd is a man marked by his time in the pasture. But his weathered skin makes him look older than his thirty years. He is usually dirty, and rarely takes the time to shave, even though he prefers to be clean- …

  • Talgen Hucrele

    |Height: 5'10"|Weight: 175 lbs.|Age: 18| |Eyes: Brown|Hair: Dark Brown|Skin: Lightly Tanned| *DESCRIPTION*
    For being born into merchant wealth, Talgen has never shied away from hard work, and his muscled form shows it. He dresses well, but isn't …

  • Sir Braford

    Sir Braford accompanied Talgen on his trip to Oakhurst along with Karakas the elf ranger from Ossington. The paladin had expressed an interest in seeing the ruins of the so-called Sunless Citadel. He'd told Talgen that his research showed the fortress had …

  • Karakas

    Karakas disappeared from Ossington around the same time as a series of grisly and unexplained murders. He met up with Talgen and Sir Braford in Brindinford and asked to accompany them to the Sunless Citadel for unspoken reasons.

  • Belak

    Little is know about Belak the Outcast. The mysterious caretaker of the grove level of the Sunless Citadel apparently cultivated the magical apples sold to the folk of Oakhurst each Spring. The adventurers found evidence of bizarre experiments, fusing …

  • Owen Highhill

    Owen is a halfling warrior that comes from Ossington and has succumbed to wanderlust. The young halfling comes from a religious family. His parents Roger and Nina protect the halfling community in Ossington in service to Arvoreen as Trueswords. He and his …

  • Bhavik

    _Tall by human standards but bristling with strength and wit, Bhavik stands with an intense..._ [Quick Description has a character limit about like Twitter, so your physical description should go here. Hope you saved it elsewhere, too. :D]

  • Ashrem Dewitt

    |Height: 6'4"|Weight: 240 lbs.|Age: 37| |Eyes: Blue|Hair: Red|Skin: Ruddy| *DESCRIPTION*
    Ashrem Dewitt is a large man with ruddy skin and crows feet marking his eyes from years of laughter. His long red hair erupts from the top of his head …