Tag: Martial


  • Azal

    |Height: 5'9"|Weight: 140 lbs.|Age: 18| |Eyes: Black|Hair: Black with shades of purple|Skin: Light Poppy Red| DESCRIPTION
    Azal is a young tiefling female. She is of a smaller build and weight. She tends to keep her weight down on the lower …

  • Iva Charlot

    |Height:5'3"|Weight:105 lbs.|Age:27| |Eyes:Green|Hair:Red|Skin:Creamy| *DESCRIPTION*
    Iva Charlot (EYE-va shar-LOW) is small, but solidly built, with flame-red hair and sparkling green eyes. When her hands aren't holding her infant son, Henri, …

  • Owen Highhill

    Owen is a halfling warrior that comes from Ossington and has succumbed to wanderlust. The young halfling comes from a religious family. His parents Roger and Nina protect the halfling community in Ossington in service to Arvoreen as Trueswords. He and his …