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Aramis hails from a sheep ranch near Oakhurst. After losing his wife to a deadly plague, he traveled to Brindinford, where he became a cleric of the Raven Queen. He and Azal then returned to the village to look for their missing friend, Talgen Hucrele, and Talgen’s sister Sharwyn. Together with Owen Highhill, they entered the Sunless Citadel in search of the missing Hucreles.

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Aramis was grateful to have Azal at his side when he was finally tested in combat. Though he hardly agrees with her dislike of the church, he hopes that leading by example will allow him to change her mind someday. He is not bothered by her infernal heritage or her illegitimacy, and takes umbrage with those who are.

Aramis respected Owen’s religious conviction and desire to help others, but couldn’t agree that following one’s heart is the only thing that matters. Sometimes Owen’s cheery disposition was too much for Aramis to handle, but he knows that Fate brought them together for a reason.

Owen soon left for he surface; shortly thereafter, Bhavik Devanta joined Aramis and Azal. The cleric has slowly become accustomed to the warden and his quirks. Bhavik’s devotion to good has already made a strong impression on him.

As the three delved deeper into the citadel, Azal began to have strong emotional outbursts relating to Talgen. She confessed to Aramis that her feelings for Talgen were romantic in nature, only to find Talgen transformed by the Gulthias Tree into something more plant than man. They rescued the Hucreles and returned to the village, where they began the search for a cure for Talgen.

Sharwyn confessed her love for Aramis, and the cleric is wracked with guilt over the intimate night they shared.

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