Aramis Entry 12

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[March 13th, continued]

Glad to be free from that maze. Azal’s still cross with herself, but at least her mood’s improving now that we’re back on task.

We found another dragon statue, this one with a tray in its mouth. I feared to tinker with it, after having my lungs seared by the statue on the previous level, but the tray responded to the weight of Meepo’s jade dragon statuette, revealing a hidden compartment full of treasure. I secured it and recovered the statue – gold and jewels may be useful later, but they only distract us from our objective now.

We agreed that this wasn’t the way to the Twilight Grove, and tried another path. We soon came across an alchemical laboratory, full of goblins hard at work. My clumsy attempt at stealth gave us away, but Azal’s brilliant bluff allowed us to get the drop on the goblins anyway. We dispatched the goblins with little difficulty. Azal was right; it’s hard to believe we once feared these creatures.

On our way into the chamber, we found some sleeping goblins; to my relief, Bhavik told us that he couldn’t murder the helpless creatures. I’m now convinced that he’s trustworthy, and that seems to be good enough for Azal (who was good enough to agree with us and let the sleeping goblins be).

Bhavik found a dire rat strapped to the table, plagued with cancerous, plantlike growths. It must have been one of Belak’s experiments. Bhavik put it out of its misery, but the very existence of such a creature is an affront to my Queen.

Belak’s madness threatens Oakhurst, now, as I wrote before. The town guard would never stand a chance against these creatures – and neither would my family. I fear that I’ve forgotten them with everything that’s happening down here…in particular, my thoughts turn to poor Henri and his mother.

It’s no longer enough to save the Hucreles. I must not fail to save the town. Belak’s experiments must end, and if it falls to me to see that through, well, Fate wills what it will.


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