Aramis Entry 14

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[March 14th, continued]

We climbed back up the shaft to the chieftain’s chamber to catch our breath. It’s a strange feeling, being forced to retreat from a fight. I’m not ashamed – we do what we must to survive in these depths, and we’ll never succeed otherwise – but fleeing costs us time we don’t have.

When we came back down the shaft, the bugbear was waiting for us with a pair of goblins. We were better prepared for his tactics this time, but the struggle to take them down was still difficult. Bhavik helped himself to the bugbear’s hide armor, and we also claimed his pouch of gold.

We pressed on, encountering another bugbear and group of goblins. This bugbear fought with a flail, and proved just as difficult to take down as the last one. Sadly, we’ve already exhausted our resources, and must rest again.

We must be getting close now. I can feel it. I find myself thinking about what we’ll do when we’re done with this awful place; it’s not my way to think such things, but dwelling on Celeine is poor distraction from the pressure of this place and our quest. We’ll return the Hucreles to their mother, of course, and escort Talgen back to Brindinford when he’s ready. We’ll tell everyone about what happened here. And we’ll need to set someone in place to make sure that this never happens again; the kobolds shouldn’t mind expanding their territory into the rest of the Citadel.

Azal’s doing it again – whispering Talgen’s name – and she’s got the next watch. I’ll ask her about it when I wake her; that way, we can talk about it without Bhavik listening…


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Aramis Entry 14

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