Belak the Outcast

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For thirteen years, Belak the Outcast lived on the grove level of the Sunless Citadel. He sought out the Gulthias Tree and when he found it he appointed himself its caretaker in order to study it and test his own theories about its nature. He ruled over the goblins of the Citadel and had them sell the apples produced by the tree to the surface as part of a campaign to spread the twig blights on the world above.

He subjected Talgen Hucrele to the Gulthias Tree and turned the young man into some sort of plant monster. He started the same process on Sharwyn Hucrele, but the adventurers showed up before it could finish.

He was killed by Aramis Shepherd on 13 March, 103 CY.

Character Profile

Belak the Outcast

III godfear