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Blasingdell is located in the hills of a forested area a few days southeast of the Ashen Plain. This small mining community grew up in the aftermath of the fall of Khundrukar, the dwarven stronghold built by the legendary smith Durgeddin the Black.

Population: 2,021

Leadership: Sir Miles Berrick

Demographics: The population of Blasingdell is predominantly human, with dwarves coming in second most populous. A small tribe of shifters – the survivors of a terrible tribal conflict two decades ago – have settled the outlying areas, and a mix of individuals of other common races make up the rest of the population.

Economics: Blasingdell is a mining town supported by surrounding farms and trade with other communities like Oakhurst and Brindinford.

Inns & Taverns: The Griffon’s Nest Inn and Tavern

Supplies: Tolm’s Superior Outfitting and Dry Goods

Church: Moradin’s Forge

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Places of Note

The Griffon’s Nest Inn and Tavern
Proprietor: Sarel Bankdown

The Griffon’s Nest is a three story building of wood and stone famous for its balcony dining. The image of a griffon rampant facing a clutch of eggs adorns the sign-board hanging over the front entrance.

[OOC: See the table under “Food, Drink, and Lodging” in the Player’s Handbook (p. 222) for prices.]

Tolm’s Superior Outfitting and Dry Goods
Proprietor: Kheldegan Tolm

Tolm’s shop is well-known for quality goods and fair prices. He supplies the population with mundane equipment for mining and farming, but he also carries a few more exotic items of interest to those with the coin to purchase them.

[OOC: Anything in the Player’s Handbook under Adventuring Gear (p. 221-222) and wondrous items from approved sources (see Bibliography) can be found in this shop for the cost indicated on the appropriate table.]

Moradin’s Forge
Priestess: Sister Alonsa

The temple of Moradin also serves as the biggest ironworks shop in Blasingdell. When Sister Alonsa isn’t preaching to her flock, she is working the bellows or handling a hammer at the massive forge adjoining the chapel. The forge is known to produce some enchanted arms and armor on commission.

[OOC: Simple and Military weapons as well as heavy armors are available here at the prices indicated in the Player’s Handbook. Enchanted items can be commissioned and take about a day to complete.]

Scholar’s Nook
Proprietor: Ashrem Dewitt

This odd wooden tower houses a surprisingly robust library, opened to the public years ago by the retired warrior mage Ashrem Dewitt. The inside is garishly painted but well appointed with comfortable chairs and ample reading corners.

[OOC: Ritual books, scrolls, and components can be found in this establishment for the costs indicated on the tables in their respective sources.]


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