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Brindinford is a trade center on the Brinding, a major river. The forest has been cleared in a radius of about a mile outside the town on the east side of the river, but much of the west bank is still heavily wooded. The city is divided into a number of wards, each with its own personality.

Population: 4,807

Leadership: Baron Euphemes II

Demographics: Humans and halflings comprise the majority of the populace, although members of all the common races can be found living here.

Economics: As a regional hub, trade is the lifeblood of the town. A number of small farming communities provide its people with the food they need.

Inns & Taverns: Stony Gaze Tavern

Supplies: Chatterstreet Market

Churches: Temple of Bahamut and Pelor, Shrine of The Raven Queen

Places of Note

Chatterstreet Market

This bustling market is filled with artisans and traders of all sorts, hawking their goods to passersby. The buildings lining the street are row houses with shops on the ground floor and apartments above.

[OOC: From the mundane to the magical, wondrous items, weapons, armor, and items for any body slot are available here. Any non-masterwork item from the Player’s Handbook can be acquired for the price listed on the relevant table.]


This rough-and-tumble neighborhood is something of a mercantile district, home to a number of taverns, provisioners, entertainers, and transients. The buildings consist of row houses, warehouses, many outdoor businesses, as well as freestanding inns with yards.

[OOC: Anything in the Player’s Handbook under “Food, Drink, and Lodging” (p. 222) or Adventuring Gear (p. 221-222) can be found in this ward for the prices indicated on their respective tables.]

Ford North

Considered something of a “holy quarter,” this ward contains the temples and shrines to the gods, as well as a handful of charlatans selling icons, good luck charms and the like. This is a wealthier quarter, and the superior quality of the buildings is evident.

[OOC: Ritual books, scrolls, holy symbols, and potions from the Player’s Handbook can be found for purchase here, although the base prices are higher than those listed in the book. The Diplomacy skill may be used to haggle the prices down to something more reasonable.]

Halfling Encampment:
Elder: Dentheira (female halfling)

This floating town of barges and rafts is where the seminomadic hin make their homes. Though not really a leader, Dentheira is an aging priestess whose wisdom is greatly respected. They can often be seen fishing from the sides of the encampment.

Holy Grove
Caretakers: Enselle and Tier

A druidic circle maintains a holy site directly across the river from Brindinford, for reasons known only to them.

The Keep and Silver Hill

Home to the wealthy and powerful of Brindinford, the Silver Hill ward borders on decadent. Freestanding estates fill the district, which has the cleanest, most well-patrolled streets in the town. Baron Euphemes II lives within the Keep.

[OOC: Library members may use the facilities to gain a +2 bonus to knowledge checks if they spend an hour researching.]


Every town has a bad side, and Southspur serves that role in Brindinford. All of the undesirable industries (dyers, perfumeries, and tanners) operate their businesses here. As the de facto slums, a number of the town’s homeless also reside here.

[OOC: Ritual components may be acquired here for the price listed in the Player’s Handbook.]

West Hill

This eccentric district is popular among intellectuals. It contains specialty bookshops and is home to a number of sages on various subjects. The buildings are largely freestanding houses with small yards.

[OOC: Ritual books and scrolls from the Player’s Handbook, Player’s Handbook 2, and Forgotten Realms Player’s Guide can be found for purchase here at the listed prices.]


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