Creatures of Act 1

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Session 1: Romance Dusk
dire rats

Session 2: Stirring the Shadows
skeleton, decrepit skeletons, dire rats, rat swarm

Session 3: Here There Be
gravehound zombies, Meepo, kobold dragonshields, Yusdrayl, kobold minions

Session 4: The Dragon Hunters
goblin sharpshooters, dire rats, giant rats

Session 5: Fate of One
dire rats, Guthash

Session 6: The Body
goblin sharpshooter, goblin warriors, goblin skullcleavers

Session 7: Strength
Calcryx” (red dragon wyrmling)

Session 8: The Dragon Returned
Yusdrayl, kobolds, goblin skullcleavers

Session 9: Goblintown
goblin cutters, hobgoblin soldiers, hobgoblin warcaster

Session 10: Hail to the Chief
goblin warriors, goblin underboss, goblin blackblades, twig blights, Durnn (hobgoblin commander), Grenl (goblin hexer)

Session 11: What Lies Beneath
skeletons, twig blights, Balsag the Hunter (bugbear warrior), Grip & Fang (gray wolves)

Session 12: Goblin Alchemy
goblin blackblades, goblin cutters, goblin warriors

Session 13: The Gardener
skeletons, boneshard skeleton, goblin warriors, twig blights, bugbear strangler

Session 14: Persistence
bugbear strangler, goblin blackblades, goblin cutters, bugbear wardancer

Session 15: Edge of Twilight
wraiths, goblin warriors, twig blights

Session 16: The Outcast
goblin warriors, twig blights, Belak the Outcast

Creatures of Act 1

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