Erky Timbers

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Erky Timbers was released from the goblins’ dungeon after over a year of captivity. He had endured countless tortures at the savage creatures’ hands, and was eager for some payback. He told the adventurers what he knew about the Citadel and the fate of the Hucreles and Karakas, who had been imprisoned alongside him for a short time. He is dubious about the inclusion of Meepo in the search, but he is suppressing his natural distrust of kobolds for the sake of his rescuers. He intends to do all he can to prevent a double-cross.

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Meepo left the party first, and when Owen announced that he was abandoning the quest the dwarf returned to Oakhurst himself, wishing the adventurers and their new companion the best of luck.

Character Profile

Erky Timbers

III godfear