Missing Adventurers

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Madame Kerowyn Hucrele has asked Aramis and his companions to search for her children around the rift that houses the so-called Sunless Citadel. They have been missing for a full month now, and she is desperate to retrieve them. Though Aramis was not particularly interested in monetary concerns, Adell informed them that their success would be rewarded with gold.


The Hucreles were being held captive by Belak the Outcast. Talgen has been turned into some half-plant monster that the Outcast referred to as a “supplicant” and Sharwyn was undergoing the process, having been absorbed into the trunk of the Gulthias Tree. Belak was slain and Talgen subdued before the heroes freed the girl from the tree and set it on fire. They returned the Hucreles to Oakhurst and are considering options for restoring Talgen to normal.

Missing Adventurers

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