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A small village on the outskirts of the Ashen Plain just north of a great rift in the earth that houses a fortress that fell centuries before. Surrounded by a scattering of farmsteads, the village is comprised largely of wooden and thatch structures with a handful of stone buildings. This appears to be a simple countryside community.

Population: 901

Leadership: Mayor Vurnor Leng

Demographics: The population of Oakhurst is predominantly human, with a few halfling families, a small clan of dwarves, and a handful of individuals of other common races.

Economics: Primarily a farming and ranching community, there is also a small mine nearby, primarily worked by the local dwarves. Minor merchant houses keep trade flowing through the town.

Inns & Taverns: The Ol’ Boar Inn

Supplies: Oakhurst General Store, Ironstone Smithy

Churches: Shrine of Avandra, Moradin, and Pelor

Places of Note

Ol’ Boar Inn
Proprietor: Old Garon

The Ol’ Boar Inn is the sole establishment in the small village providing accommodations for travelers passing through. The two-story wooden building is made of thick oak planks, and the roof is tiled with shingles rather than thatch. The sign hanging above the front door is a crude painting of a hog’s head that has faded over time.

[OOC: See the table under “Food, Drink, and Lodging” in the Player’s Handbook (p. 222) for prices. The Ol’ Boar Inn doesn’t have luxury rooms available.]

The General Store
Owner: House Hucrele

This two-story wooden building stands on the eastern side of the village, just north of the blacksmith shop. A large sign above indicates that this shop is owned by House Hucrele. Within can be found all manner of supplies that travelers might find useful on a journey.

[OOC: Anything in the Player’s Handbook under Adventuring Gear (p. 221-222) can be found in this shop for the cost indicated on the table.]

Owner: Rurik Ironstone

This squat stone building is across New Road from the shrine. A pair of anvils sit in an open area, the walls of which are hung with various tools and implements of the trade common in Oakhurst.

[OOC: Simple weapons are readily available here at the prices indicated in the Player’s Handbook. Heavy armor and military weapons can be commissioned and take about a week to complete.]

The Shrine [Healer]
Priestess: Sister Corkie

Situated on the northwestern corner of the intersection of New Road and Old Road, this is one of the few stone buildings in the village. The structure has an architectural style that seems to blend human and dwarven craftsmanship into a simple, practical whole. The double front doors of the shrine are made of sturdy oak, likely taken from the nearby wood from which the village acquired its name. Symbols are carved into the lintel above the entrance: three horizontal wavy lines, a vertical warhammmer in front of an anvil, and a stylized sun with a stern face.

House Hucrele
Owner: Madame Hucrele

This house is the largest residence in the village.

Mayor’s Home
Owner: Vurnor Leng

Situated beside the jail, this house serves as the residence for the village’s elected mayor. It is currently occupied by Vurnor Leng, who has held the position for a number of years.

Garrison [Constable and Jail]
Constable: Felosial Greenwood

This large stone building is the headquarters of the few who serve as the town as guards and deputies. The town guards train all militia once a month in the fenced yard behind the garrison. They haven’t seen any serious trouble in many months, but Constable Felosial prefers for the populace to be prepared for the worst.


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