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Below are a number of NPCs with whom the PCs have interacted during the course of their adventures. NPCs with bold names are associated with quests that have not yet been completed.


Sister Alonsa – Priestess of Moradin (female dwarf)

Baron Althon – Wealthy Collector

Sarel Bankdown – Innkeeper (female half-elf)

Sir Miles Berrick – Appointed Mayor (male human)

Ashrem Dewitt – Owner of Scholar’s Nook (male human)

Geradil – Citizen Rescued from the Stone Tooth (male halfling)

Grendar Kuln – Watch Sergeant (male half-orc)

Priya – Aged Farmer Rescued from the Stone Tooth, Akuti’s Last Friend (female shifter)

Kheldegan Tolm – Merchant (male dwarf)

Dara Whitewood – Constable (female elf)


Baron Euphemes II – Hereditary Executive Official (male human)

Father Sloane – High Priest of The Raven Queen (male human)

Father Angelo – Zealous Priest of The Platinum Dragon (male human)

Enselle and Tier – Druid Caretakers of the Holy Grove (male and female elves)


Madame Kerowyn Hucrele – Matron of Hucrele House (female human)

Sharwyn Hucrele – Daughter of Kerowyn Hucrele (female human)

Talgen Hucrele Son of Kerowyn Hucrele (male human, cursed)

Sister Dem “Corkie” Ironstone – Priestess of Moradin (female dwarf)

Rurik Ironstone – Blacksmith (male dwarf)

Mayor Vurnor Leng – Elected Executive Official (male human)

“Old” Garon Mayhew – Proprietor and Barkeep of the Local Inn & Tavern (male human)

The Shepherds – Aramis’s Family (male and female humans)

Ben and Lu – Town Guards (male and female humans)


Trueswords of Arvoreen – Knights of the Vigilant Guardian (male and female halflings)

Stone Tooth

The Great Ulfe – Aged Ogre Warlord (deceased)

Sunless Citadel

Belak the Outcast – Caretaker of the Gulthias Tree (male human, dead)

Erky Timbers – Former Prisoner of the Citadel Goblins (male dwarf)

Karakas – Ranger of the Old Forest (male half-elf, presumed dead)

Meepo – Keeper of the Dragons (male kobold)

Sir Braford – Paladin of Pelor, Found Dead in a Rat’s Nest (male human, dead)

Yusdrayl – Queen of the Citadel Kobolds (female kobold)


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