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  • Aramis Journal

    [[Main Page]] >> [[Journals]] >> Aramis' Journal --- [[:aramis|Aramis']] entries are in the classic journal style, written in the character's own words during down time from his adventures.


    |[[Aramis Entry 0|Aramis …

  • Azal Journal

    [[Main Page]] >> [[Journals]] >> Azal's Journal ---

    The Sunless Citadel

    |[[Azal Entry 1]]|[[Azal Entry 2]]|[[Azal Entry 3]]| |[[Azal Entry 4]]|[[Azal Entry 5]]|[[Azal Entry 6]]|

    Forge of Fury

    |[[Azal Entry 7]]|[[ …

  • Owen Journal

    [[Main Page]] >> [[Memoirs]] >> Owen's Journal --- [[:owen-highhill|Owen's]] entries are his writings in a book he found somewhere along his travels. It appears to have once belonged to someone magically inclined, and he addresses it as though it …