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[March 13th, continued]

We found an arboretum where undead skeletons composted the soil, no doubt to further Belak’s hideous experiments. One skeleton was different from the others we’ve encountered so far, sending out deadly sprays of bone shards as we damaged it. Azal and I destroyed it together from a distance; the resulting explosion left Bhavik too weary to go on.

We’ve decided to secure the arboretum’s only entrance and rest here, rather than spending the time to return to the secret room on the level above us. As the least exhausted party member, I’ve drawn the first watch, which has given me time to write this.

A goblin patrol came through the area a few hours later, finding the remains of the goblins we’d previously slain. Azal won the argument that followed, so we struck camp and headed south, into the unexplored part of the dungeon. As Fate would have it, we found another arboretum, this one with no sign of recent use. We rested again, the noise of the goblin activity to the north no match for our sheer exhaustion.

Again, I took the first watch. Azal slept fitfully, muttering Talgen’s name in a way that reminded me of how Celeine used to say my name while she dreamed. Is Azal in love with Talgen? It would explain why she’s so desperate to find him. Now the fear of finding him dead comes back to me, worse than before. I know what it means to lose a love, after all, never knowing what could have been. What would it mean for Azal, to never know if Talgen felt the same way for her?

And does he? Talgen never breathed a word of it to me, but he was always a private man, and I wouldn’t blame him for seeking more qualified advice on romantic matters…still, Azal and Talgen are my best friends. Sometimes I feel like they’re my only friends. They deserve happiness, especially after everything we’ve been through in this accursed place.

We have to find him, and his sister. If Azal and Talgen are meant to be together, then let Fate’s servant play his part.

[March 14th, 103 CY]

Slept poorly. I dreamed that Maurelle persuaded her husband, Vardan, to grow grapes for wine – she’d always wanted to do that, even though the climate doesn’t agree with it – but something she did caused the vines to thrive. I crept into the vineyard one night, hoping to learn her secret, and found the grapes growing out of Vardan’s dead body – then Maurelle came after me, vines poking out through her clothes. I woke up with cold sweat and a cramped neck. Images like these make me reluctant to turn this journal over to Father Sloane when the time comes…

We faced a deadly foe, a bugbear who used his rope to snare Bhavik and use him as a shield. We slew the bugbear’s goblin and twig blight allies, but at a cost which forced us to flee before we could finish the leader.


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Aramis Entry 13

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