Aramis Entry 11

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[March 13th, continued]

More changes. We’ve gained an ally in Bhavik Devanta, a man with primal power in his blood. He has a savage air about him, and I don’t think he’s exactly human, but he speaks like a righteous soul. He certainly has Owen’s courage; only time will tell if he has any more prudence.

But now Erky has returned to the surface, headed back to Oakhurst in search of more help. I can’t blame him; if it’d been me held captive for a year down here, I doubt I’d have waited as long to do the same. But it’s down to Azal, Bhavik, and myself now. My decision to embrace the Discipline of Divine Wrath seems to have been well-timed.

We descended to the lower depths of the citadel, which was like crossing over into another world, earthy and plant-choked. I couldn’t shake the memory of my dream as we fought our way through the lower chamber’s guardians – more twig-blights, skeletons, a pair of wolves, and their bugbear keeper. Bhavik immediately proved to be a valuable addition to our group, helping to dispatch our foes with little cost to our party. He spent a few minutes poking through the bugbear’s den, and came up with some treasures; I’d hoped for clues, but will take what comes.

Searching for the Gulthias Tree, we made a wrong turn and got lost in an infernal maze of tunnels. The three of us finally figured out how to get back to the familiar part of the Citadel, but I can’t shake the feeling that the hours we wasted in the maze could have made the difference between finding the Hucreles alive or dead.

And I fear for Azal. She blamed herself for leading us into the maze, even though we decided as a group to go that way. She knows that time is running out, and it’s all I can do to keep her from sliding into true despair. She already misses Owen; we have so few friends, she and I, and the thought of losing any of them is unbearable for both of us.

I still hold hope that we’ll find Sharwyn and Talgen alive down here. They have at least as much strength and cleverness between them as Azal and I do. It’s the uncertainty that’s driving us mad; Fate, if you’ve claimed them, please, let us find out soon…


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Aramis Entry 11

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