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20 March, 103 CY

Slept poorly. Last night’s dream was the strangest yet – Sharwyn needed my help to find our child, despite my insistence that we had none. I believe my ritual will insure that our one night together will have no such consequences… I find myself wondering, though, for the first time in years: will I ever be a father? It’s much too soon to hope that Sharwyn may be my wife someday, but the possibility is real. And if that’s not to be, some other woman yet might… Fate wills what it will, but her servant knows better than to guess at what she has in store.

And should I be a father, what manner of father would I be? Is the Raven Queen’s shadow any place in which to raise a child? Will I have a ranch of my own by then? Or does some other transformation lie ahead for me – not rancher, not priest, but something altogether new?


Bhavik seemed reluctant to leave Blasingdell, as if he had unfinished business. If that’s the case, maybe he can resolve it when we return. He did mention a couple of notices he’d seen posted – one mentioning Baron Althon’s reward for weapons with the mark of Durgeddin the Black, the other promising bounty on proof of slain orcs. As a descendant of the weaponsmith, Sister Alonsa wouldn’t appreciate any collection we make on the former quest, but we may need the money when all is said and done…

We made our way to the Stone Tooth, using Alonsa’s directions and Ashrem’s map. The journey’s only difficulty came from the dreadful weather, and we soon found ourselves at the entrance to Khundrukar – and under attack.

Orcs have occupied Kundrukhar, and they’ve defended it well, so far. We made our way past guards and hidden archers; Azal opened the main gate, and we found more defenders at a bridge spanning an underground river. The battle has left us all weary, but we seem to have caught our breath once more, so I must close, so we may press on.


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Aramis Entry 18

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