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[20 March, 103 CY continued]

We rescued a pair of prisoners – a halfling fellow named Geradil, and Priya, an older shifter. My first inclination was to send them back to civilization on their own, but Bhavik wisely insisted that we escort them ourselves. Azal seemed to resent the delay – and it may have been fear of such a reaction that kept me from suggesting it myself – but she relented. Is this a new side to Azal? Or is she just too adrift in her feelings to argue?

Priya led us back to her ransacked farm. Once we were there, she recognized Bhavik as the child of her late friend, Akuti. Priya told us about the battle in which Akuti died, and of the reasons the local shifters had for believing Akuti to be a traitor. Bhavik has his own opinion of his mother, but he seems torn by what he’s learned of her here. He also has no knowledge of his father.

What must that be like? My parents have always been there for me. Even while I was in Brindinford, I relied on their teachings and their guidance… Bhavik has more in common with Azal, in that respect, than he does with me. I wonder, then, why he walks with the righteous, when Azal does not. I’ll have to look into it…

We made our way back to Khundrukar, where I set off another poison gas trap, alerting some orcs to our presence and triggering another fight. What is wrong with me? I think of Azal, or Bhavik, having to tell my family… or Sharwyn… that the reason I’m dead is “He couldn’t leave statues alone.” I have got to be more careful going forward.

We found a few treasures, then moved on to a barracks, where we defeated some more orcs. Just two weeks ago, I never would have stood a chance against such foes… and it no longer feels strange to think that.

I am an adventurer, now.


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Aramis Entry 19

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