Aramis Entry 2

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[March 10th, 103 CY continued. The handwriting has returned to normal]

“For those who serve the Raven Queen, the greatest victory is to destroy the undead.”

Those were the words Brother Perceval told me when he began my combat training, and this belief permeates every aspect of my faith. The thralls of Orcus, that bloated charlatan, violate hallowed ground, defile graves, and rob the dead of their hard-won peace. It’s my duty to vanquish these unnatural creatures, and those who raise them.

I felt like I understood this, but I encountered the undead for the first time today, and now I have truly learned the lesson.

I am no stranger to corpses, of course. Examining the lifeless goblins in the pit, and the skeletons in the tower, was a routine matter for me. Indeed, doing so brought me hope – they may have been slain by Talgen’s band.

But Azal found a secret door (and my heart found my throat when she triggered its trap), and something in the secret room animated the skeletons. My faith wasn’t strong enough to turn them; luckily, the prowess of my allies won the day.

I cannot describe the revulsion – the sheer horror – that I felt in the presence of those unnatural monsters. The shadows of the world I live in grew a little darker today; It falls upon me to shine the light upon them. The living have few enough heroes. Who cares to protect the restful dead? I do, even if no one else will. Perhaps my newfound conviction will be enough to turn them next time.

We found more rats in the next room; they, too, were no match for Owen and Azal. His zeal and her grace are breathtaking to see in action. The magic of Azal’s new dagger was fascinating…

But both combats have taken their toll on us, so we’ve hidden ourselves in the secret room to rest. I can already tell that my sleep will be troubled this night.


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Aramis Entry 2

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