Aramis Entry 20

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[20 March, 103 CY continued]

Today could have gone better. Deciding to take a different route after we encountered a strange, hidden iron gate, we found a secret passage that led to a sort of common room. The orcs within were dangerous opponents; during the encounter, I blacked out from the pain of my wounds.

[written off to one side] “Blacked out” might not be the best term, really. All I could see was red.

I regained consciousness to find that we’d won, and that Bhavik had administered a healing potion to me. As all three of us were on the verge of exhaustion, we chose to return to Blasingdell to rest.

I stopped by the Scholar’s Nook to see Iva, hoping she’d found what she was looking for. Alas, she has not – yet she remains hopeful. Please, let Fate grant her what she seeks. Hasn’t the poor woman suffered enough?

Now I’m back in a bed at the Griffon’s Nest, unable to sleep. The orcs called Bhavik Devanta “the herald,” and the possible meanings for that keep turning over in my mind. Is it some reference to his mother? Part of some prophecy? Or something else entirely? In any case, I find it a welcome distraction from the cold reality that I could have died today.

21 March, 103 CY

Slept poorly. I dreamed of a great cleft in the roots of the Gulthias Tree, a hollow from which goblins and orcs issued without end. I stood alone, trying to stem the tide, but there were too many…

Our return to the Stone Tooth was quiet. Orcs awaited us, just inside the great doors, and once again, I succumbed to my injuries. As before, Bhavik and Azal won the day in spite of my weakness.

It’s no longer enough to simply be “careful.” I have to be strong, as well. This place will kill us all if I’m not.

I have the wisdom of my parents, the knowledge of my training, the friendship of my companions – and now, the promise of new love – to draw upon. By the Queen, let that be enough.


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Aramis Entry 20

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