Aramis Entry 25

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[22 March, 103 CY continued]

The key opened the lock, and we passed through the stone door, following a corridor of worked stone to an octagonal chamber, with two doors and three bronze statues. The doors turned out to be traps, causing the statues to attack us! I fell in this battle, as well, but Bhavik resuscitated me as the fray wound down. This has to stop…

Bhavik found a secret door, and the passage beyond led us deeper into the dungeon. Azal set off an alarm; when we reached the great hall, the duergar were ready for us. Their leader, Ghared, issued a warning as we approached. Fortunately, I still remember most of the Dwarven that Sister Corkie taught me.

Parleys like this have proven difficult in the past. I tried to involve my companions, but Azal was distracted by the apple’s apparent nearness, and Bhavik’s disposition did not agree with the duergar. Fortunately, we had something they wanted – the nephelium whistle, Azan-gund – so we were able to negotiate “safe passage” in exchange for it. The word of the gray dwarves may not mean anything, and handing them an item of dark power like the Night Caller doesn’t sit well with me. Still, with the way Fate has treated me in recent battles, I’d prefer to avoid any fight we can.

Ghared also hinted at her master, she who pushed the Great Ulfe aside in favor of the duergar. She has the apple; she is the one we seek. Rather than pass through the duergar territory, we’ve decided to look for a secret passage to the north… the domain of the restless dead. Surely I am Fated to face them!

But this message, inscribed on the door in Giant, give me pause: “Beyond this door the Maker of Death is chained. May he gnaw on his own hate until the sun dies and all things end…”

- Aramis

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Aramis Entry 25

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