Aramis Entry 26

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[22 March, 103 CY continued]

We entered a defiled, long-abandoned dwarven shrine. We sensed the presence of evil even before the undead rose to attack us – skeletons that once had been giants, and a wight. The battle left us exhausted, but. in the end, we honored my Queen, and destroyed the horrors. I claimed to be healthy enough to continue, but Azal saw right through me, and we secured the shrine to rest.

Azal has been so quiet here in Khundrukar. She has never been one for idle conversation, and I know she senses our nearness to our goal. Still… perhaps she dwells on the cost if we fail? Or is this place getting to her, as the Sunless Citadel got to me?

Maybe I just miss talking to my friend. That sounds like selfishness, but I know our talks have always done her good, too.

It’s best to push these concerns aside – again – and try to get some rest. Bhavik and I have treated ourselves for an infection we must have picked up below. This shrine may be secure, but evil held sway here for quite some time, and I have no doubt that it will affect what dreams may come.

23 March, 103 CY

Slept poorly. I dare not write of what I dreamed. Suffice it to say that my concerns were justified.

We returned to the great hall, where three duergar confronted us. I told them that Ghared had granted us passage, but their leader refused to honor it, and battle was joined again. Curse Ghared – and curse me twice over for trusting her! Perhaps we should call upon her when this business is done.

In the following chamber, we defeated more wraiths. These battles wear us down as the sea wears down the shore… I can only hope that we have strength enough to face the dark mistress of this place when we find her.

- Aramis

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Aramis Entry 26

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