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[23 March, 103 CY continued]

The wraith battle left us exhausted, but didn’t diminish our determination to press on. After exploring a series of rooms, we ran into more skeletons – including one born of fire, and one of shadow – which took a heavy toll before we claimed victory.

It feels like we just finished resting, and now we must rest again! I tell myself that it’s tougher defenses as we near our objective, and not some failing of our own, that has made this road so arduous of late.

I wonder, how many times must I tell myself this before I start to believe it?

24 March, 103 CY

Slept poorly. Dreamed of dying in the shadow of great black wings… but the wings weren’t feathered. I called out for light, but no one replied. Even the power of my Queen failed me…

Exploring the rest of this area turned up a book of rituals, which I’m sure will prove most useful. We also found the secret passage Ghared spoke of, which led to a great chasm. We climbed down a rusty chain ladder, to find a swift underground river spanned by two dwarven bridges. The first supported us well enough, but the second collapsed under my weight, and I fell into the river.

As Maurelle would tell you, were she here, I am no swimmer. As Fate would have it, Bhavik and Azal hauled me out before the current swept me away, soaking and humiliated, but relatively unharmed. This did little to assuage my fears that I’ve become a burden to this group.

We came to a vast underground lake, where we finally encountered the mistress of Khundrukar – a black dragon the size of a horse! She used an arsenal of dirty tricks to harry us, while hiding in water and shadow from our own attacks. We hurt her – of that I have no doubt – but, in her own lair, the dragon controlled the tide of battle. With no reliable way to find or harm the dragon, and sorely wounded ourselves, we were forced to retreat – and I had to be pulled from the river again when I fell in at the broken bridge.

The thought of facing her again is almost more than I can bear. We must get the apple for Talgen’s sake, but how can we defeat what we can’t even see?

- Aramis

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Aramis Entry 27

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