Aramis Entry 3

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March 11th, 103 CY

Slept poorly, as I feared. Dreamed of a reunion with Talgen and Sharwyn at a tavern somewhere, one I don’t think I’ve ever visited, when Celeine came in.

I could never hide my feelings from her, even in my dreams. She’s asked me what’s wrong before, but every time I tell her she’s dead, she disappears. I was sure that the Hucreles were planning to tell her and get rid of her, to keep everyone’s attention fixed upon themselves. I awoke before they could, though…

Owen found Draconic runes in the ruined tower proclaiming the name of ‘Ashardalon.’ I finally recognized the name from a story Sister Corkie told me on my wedding day, of the dragon who laid waste to the Ashen Plain, a dragon connected to this Sunless Citadel and a druid named Dydd.

Owen told us about Dydd, but I absorbed little of it. My mind was stuck in the past, on the day I married Celeine. Only the look of urgency on Azal’s face brought me back to the present. I have wasted enough time in this place; I must not waste any more on old stories, unless they help us to find our friends.

We returned to the door with the keyhole in the dragon’s mouth, and Azal bypassed the lock with Owen’s help. Gravehounds attacked us in that dusty chamber, and a strange magical orb thwarted our movements. This time I turned one, and smashed the orb. Maybe I’m getting better at this adventuring business…

The condition of the room made it clear that Talgen’s band had not come this way, so we doubled back and tried a different path. We found possible evidence of human passage, and a small, sad creature – the kobold Meepo. Owen spoke to him – in Draconic, I suppose? – and had already asked him to join our party and promised our help to him before Azal or I even knew what was happening. I’m sure we would have agreed to both points, but we should have been included in the conversation.

I feel like we may have an Owen problem.

So Meepo was taking us to Yusdrayl, the kobold leader, to talk about recovering their dragon, Calcryx, whom the goblins stole. We ran across a kobold patrol. Owen expected – no, wanted – to fight them; it was all Azal and I could do to resolve the situation peacefully. Were I as skilled a fighter as he, or as Azal, I might be more prone to choose the violent path to solve all my problems…

I fear that we may have an Owen problem.

The audience with Yusdrayl was more successful. Talgen’s band was here, and they agreed to infiltrate the goblin lair as well. That was his way, as Azal reminded me. The poor girl, she misses him so badly. I must admit, this news has given me more hope than I have felt so far…

Helping the kobolds to find their lost dragon will also help us to find our missing friends. As always, fate wills what it will.

One more thing, though: Owen told Yusdrayl that we are the greatest adventurers in the world. I’m sure he believes it to be true, too.

I’m sure we have an Owen problem.


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Aramis Entry 3

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