Aramis Entry 4

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[March 11th, 103 CY continued]

I nearly died today.

I wanted to blame Owen – and his insistence on crashing through the goblin territory, expecting his honorable challenges to be met by creatures without honor, played a role – but I’m the one who opened the door. I should have known better, but my emotions got the best of me, and I paid for it – goblins put two crossbow bolts in my chest. I thank the Queen that Owen and Azal were so quick to act, because a third would have surely killed me.

I have been close to death before. I contracted the same plague that killed Celeine. But I responded to Sister Corkie’s treatments, when my wife did not. So I knew what I faced today, and I must confess: despite my faith in fate, I feel that it was only blind, stupid luck that kept me alive.

I should have known better, but my emotions got the best of me. Remember this lesson, Aramis. Your heart will get you killed.

One of the goblins escaped, so the rest of the lair must know that we’re here. We secured the door as best we could, but it’s only one door out of many. We must be cautious going forward. Got to figure out how to get that across to Owen…

More rats attacked after we rested, and now Azal shows the signs of filth fever again. Poor Azal. Her fussing over Meepo seems to agree with her, and saves me the trouble. I’d ease her pain if I could, but I’m only trained to console the bereaved, not those who don’t know if those they care about are dead or alive.

There’s more evidence that Talgen’s band came this way; all we can do is follow the trail, and hope to find him at its end.

One more thing: Owen says he chose me because I’m “going to be one of the best.” Is this more of his prattle, or am I fated for something important? And what would he know about it?

More worrying. Fate wills what it will! What good does all this worrying do?

Why can’t I stop?


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Aramis Entry 4

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