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[March 11th, 103 CY continued]

The body belongs to Sir Braford, the paladin of Pelor who accompanied the Hucreles on their expedition down here. I only met the man once, and there is very little of him left to identify. Still, this armor is marked with Pelor’s symbol, and the time of death seems consistent with Sir Braford’s arrival in the Citadel.

I wish I could share Azal’s relief – and I do, at least in part – but for me, this discovery raises more questions than it answers. How was he separated from the others? Why would they leave him behind? Could they survive without him?

No time to dwell on it. We took his armor and bracers (keeping the first for myself and the second for Owen), and a gold ring which might serve as proof to his church that he has fallen. My mantle covers the symbol of Pelor, but I still seem to feel its presence. I’m uncomfortable with this practice, to say the least, but he has no grave to rob, and I feel that we need all the help we can get down here.

I also hate to leave the body out in the open, without a proper burial, but we can’t spare the time to take him back to Oakhurst until we’ve found the others. The kobolds feed their dead to their dragon, or used to, so that option’s out as well, at least for now.

I will burn this rats’ nest to cinders when I know it’s safe to do so. So much filth and pestilence… I must keep a watchful eye on Azal, lest she show any symptoms of scarlet plague.

‘Guthash’ was the goblin name for the bloated rat, or so Meepo tells me. I have never been so happy to see something dead, not even the wolves that ravaged our flocks back in 99. It’s a curious feeling. Fairly sure I don’t like it.

Meepo offered us some dragon statuettes that once belonged to the kobolds. We politely refused – they belong to his people, after all – but I’m sure we offended him. I hope we find an opportunity to make it up to him soon. He’s been very brave, and I must be sure to show how much we all appreciate his help.

We decided to press into goblin territory, but my clumsy efforts at stealth forced a long and costly battle. We never would have survived such a fight yesterday. How far we’ve come in so short a time! We’re working as a team, and it makes all the difference, praise be to the Queen.

Still, Azal went down in the midst of the fray, and I feared that the Raven Queen had claimed her. How can I describe the anger I felt in that moment? I know that fate wills what it will, but it would be unjust for Azal to have perished here, now, never knowing what became of our friend.

Why would I think such a thing? I don’t expect to be treated any differently for serving her. I only want the same as anyone… or do I? Do I deserve a little more?

No. I belong in the service of the Queen. Banish all other thought from your mind, Aramis.


We’ve also found some prisoners, three kobolds and a dwarf. I look forward to hearing their stories while we rest.

Talgen, Sharwyn, stay alive. We are coming for you.


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Aramis Entry 6

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