Aramis Entry 7

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[March 12th, 103 CY]

Slept fitfully, coming back to myself after all the dreaming. I dreamed of Sharwyn in a cloak of black feathers; I can only hope that it’s my own morbid mind, and not some glimpse of truth, that’s responsible for such imagery. In our obsession with finding Talgen, I sometimes feel like she’s being forgotten. Please, Sharwyn, be safe…

Azal’s bites responded well to treatment, with no sign of scarlet plague (so far). I’ll have to keep an eye on her.

The dwarf, Erky Timbers, accompanied us back to the secret chamber, where we rested while Meepo took the kobolds back to his people. He told us his story; the important part was that Talgen, Sharwyn, and Karakas were also prisoners of the goblins, until they were taken to the Twilight Grove, a place deep in the earth. That’s where the Gulthias Tree is, which provides the goblins’ apples.

A druid named Belak wanted Talgen and his friends for some reason. We don’t know for what reason, but if that’s where they’ve gone, that’s where we must go. Erky has agreed to come with us, but I can already tell that there will be friction between him and Meepo. Maybe they’ll work it out on their own; if not, I will have to set things right.

After we collected Meepo, Erky led us into a part of the goblin territory he’d seen once, during an escape attempt. From there we made our way into a trophy room, where Meepo’s dragon, Calcryx, attacked us!

I never believed that I’d face a dragon in combat; he was small, but big enough to hurt us. Calcryx focused his attacks on poor Meepo, and very nearly killed us all. Once the dragon was bloodied, though, we convinced him of our strength, and he agreed to return to the kobold enclave, though under new conditions. If only I’d learned Draconic and not Dwarven…

We’ll have to get out of here quickly.


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Aramis Entry 7

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