Aramis Entry 8

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[March 12th, 103 CY continued]

I never thought I would be sad to say such a thing, but Meepo has left our company.

We took Calcryx back to the kobold territory, so Yusdrayl would know our role in his return. She didn’t expect us to succeed, but I think that says more about her than it does about us. She may rule a little pond, but she’s still the biggest fish in it. Treat her with the respect she demands, and we should be all right.

Of course, she didn’t anticipate a need to renegotiate Calcryx’s place in the tribe, either! Yusdrayl consented to the new terms, which were clearly better for Calcryx – but it’s also better for Meepo. I know little of kobolds, but I hope she’s still honoring the agreement when we come back this way…

Yusdrayl rewarded us for returning the dragon. My first impulse was to refuse, but, remembering Meepo’s hurt feelings, I claimed a book of rituals. I don’t have any materials to perform any rituals, but they will surely come in handy some day. Owen took some antivenom, and Azal chose the vials of alchemist’s fire. Owen was so ready to get back on the trail! If Azal and I are driven, he must be obsessed.

Meepo had to stay behind, which came as no surprise. He’s obligated to his people, as we are to ours. He is…nothing like what I expected. It’s strange to find a friend so true in a place so dark. I will miss him. Even Erky seems to realize the kobold’s worth now.

Meepo offered us the statues again, and this time, we did the right thing.

I must keep an eye on Azal. Having Meepo around kept her occupied; I can only pray that she can move her focus to finding this Twilight Grove – and Belak.

We returned to the goblin territory and soon encountered another gang of berserkers. I struggled through this fight; my first attack failed, and each miss after that only weakened my confidence. Thank the Queen that Erky was on hand; I got to see more of what he could do, and the other kept the goblins busy long enough for me to find myself again.

We must be close to the heart of the goblins’ lair. They know we’re here – they must. Entering their territory will be like descending into the Hells themselves, but what else can we do?

I think of Talgen and Sharwyn, lost in the unknown. Then I think of their mother, a woman who’s already suffered more heartache than anyone should ever face. She has already lost so much… I can’t bear the thought of any more sorrows descending upon her.

We press on. Someone has to.


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Aramis Entry 8

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