Aramis Entry 9

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[March 12th continued]

We’ve retreated to the secret room to rest again. The goblin berserker attack left us weary, but, as I’ve written before, we pressed on.

The berserkers guarded a passage which seems to lead back to the kobolds’ territory. We spent a little time investigating that room before we found the main goblin settlement, “Goblintown.” Their guards – hobgoblins among their numbers, including a mystic – spotted my light and were upon us at once, with no chance for parley.

Our victory was hard-won, and we subdued the last hobgoblin and dragged him back to the storeroom for questioning. He didn’t respond to Azal’s fury at first, but my own method of intimidation seemed more successful.

The hobgoblin feared the strength of his chieftain, Durnn, but took issue with his use of “mere goblins” as retainers. He also said that Durnn kept “stick-monsters” as pets. What strangeness is in play here? We’ll find out soon enough.

I had no intention of leaving the hobgoblin to die, and neither did Owen, but Azal was prepared to do exactly that. She has never been a virtuous woman, and I’ve long since given up on educating her, but I can’t allow her rage or grief to cloud my own morality.

But Azal is passion, just as Owen is courage. Erky strikes me as ‘determination,’ but I haven’t known him long enough to say. Strong as they are, I can only pray that they are strong enough that this place doesn’t change who they are.

This last fight was the worst one yet. Even with Erky’s help, keeping our party standing took damn near everything I had. Assuming that Durnn will not negotiate, we have the fight of our lives ahead of us. I will rest as best I can, and pray for strength and wisdom.

I dare not ask for more. I hope it’ll be enough.


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Aramis Entry 9

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