Creatures Encountered

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Below is a short listing of creatures encountered (and usually fought) by the party. Typically, they will be listed in the order they were encountered. Image links are provided for some creatures, but only for the first time they appear on the list.

The Sunless Citadel

Forge of Fury

Session 17: Arrival in Blasingdell
Ashrem Dewitt, Sister Alonsa

Session 18: Aggressive Introductions
orcs (berserkers, archer minions, scouts, sergeant)

Session 19: Akuti’s Death
Geradil, Priya, orcs (drudges, warden), Old Yarrack

Session 20: Near Death
Burdug (eye of Gruumsh), orcs (harriers, raiders, scout)

Session 21: The Spurned Warlord
stirges, The Great Ulfe (ogre skirmisher), dire wolves

Session 22: Exploring the Glitterhame
lizardfolk (greenscale hunters, blackscale bruiser, greenscale darters), doomspore

Session 23: Scalykind
lizardfolk (poisonscale collectors, poisonscale savages, poisonscale myrmidons), Kaarghaz (greenscale marsh mystic)

Session 24: The Sinkhole
gricks, cavern chokers, gray ooze, gelatinous cube

Session 25: The Great Hall
bronze dwarf warders, Ghared (duergar scout), duergar guards

Session 26: The Haunted Foundry
wight, bonecrusher skeletons, duergar scout, duergar guards, Alundil (forgewraith), frightful wraith, wraith

Session 27: The Black Lake
blazing skeleton, bloodblade hobgoblin skeleton, decaying skeletons, hobgoblin shadow skeleton, Nightscale (young black dragon)

Creatures Encountered

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