Forge of Fury

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In the hopes of securing a method to restore Talgen Hucrele to normal, the heroes are following a lead on the magical apple apparently stolen from Belak the Outcast by duergar thieves. They have come to the mining town of Blasingdell, but the locals have their own troubles. After years of peace, orcs from the Stone Tooth have begun attacking outlying farms near the town. A bounty has been placed on orc ears, and a request for help in ending the threat has been made by the Mayor.

Adventure Logs:

Interlude: Ale
Interlude: Farewell
17 Arrival in Blasingdell
18 Aggressive Introductions
19 Akuti’s Death
20 Near Death
21 The Spurned Warlord
22 Exploring the Glitterhame
23 Scalykind
24 The Sinkhole
25 The Great Hall
26 The Haunted Foundry
27 The Black Lake

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Forge of Fury

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